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Thanks for your interest in  This document is intended to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding our live streaming services.

What is  We are a live streaming service providing complete coverage of sportsman drag racing events from across the United States.

History:The service started in 2015 as “D3TV”, focusing on a select group of ten NHRA events in the North Central Division (“D3”). The schedule has expanded to include coverage of races in other NHRA Divisions across the country.  In 2019, our coverage will include multiple events from Divisions 2 through 7, totaling 34 race weekends across the US.  As a result, we chose to change the name from “D3TV” to “”.  This reflects exactly what we do with no geographical limitations.

Audience:Since its inception, our live streaming has been viewed by 1,396,782 people in all 213 countries around the globe. Engagement has grown each year, with 2018 the best to date (2018 statistics through February 8, 2019):

· 663,588 viewers

· 208 countries

· 22:28 average viewer duration

· 14,752,348 minutes viewed

· 3,903 new subscribers

Demographically, here is what our audience looks like:

· Predominantly male, 83% vs 17% female

· Primarily US and Canada viewers, totaling 98.1% of the audience

· About 70% of the audience is 45 years old or older

Event viewership for LODRS events in 2018:

· Average viewership: 34,016 viewers

· Largest audience (Gainesville): 66,112 viewers

How do we reach our audience?:  Our live streams have been hosted on our YouTube channel since we began in 2015.  YouTube is free, easy to use, and allows us to archive our thousands of videos and tens of thousands of hours of content for live and off-line viewing.  We get the word out through press releases and link postings on:

· Facebook

· YouTube

· Twitter







· (beginning 2019)

· (beginning 2019) NHRA.TV

· Alan Reinhart

· Brian Lohnes

· Joe Castello

· NHRA executive and management team

· NHRA on FOX production team

· NHRA Division Directors

· Marketing partners

· Host race track social media team

What makes unique?  Our streaming service is different than others, which we believe makes us a better product to showcase the racing community that we support.  

· Unlike other services, our coverage begins with the first time trial pass and runs through the final round of the event, providing on-screen exposure to every participant every time down the track.  Others may elect not to cover early time trial or qualifying days.

· We are a lean operation.  We provide a professional production with just one person (compared with 2 to 6 people from other providers), keeping our costs fifty to seventy percent lower than others with no sacrifice in quality.

· We operate from Race Control, giving us access to information not readily available to others. It also gives us access to an important feature of our stream – the announcer screen.  This real-time run data is information that the audience craves and is hugely valuable to the racing community as they review their runs and do research on their competitors as well.

· Our production sounds better.  We use a direct feed from the track PA system, along with six outdoor microphones to create a mix that makes the audience feel like they are right there at trackside.

· We provide multiple camera angles to give the best possible view of the on-track action. 

· We use quality graphics packages and video segments to enhance the production without overpowering it.

We are a free service:  Since the beginning, it has been important to provide this service free of charge to the audience.  Our mission is to build an audience for the sportsman drag racing community, which is the backbone of the sport.  Any subscription or pay-per-view effort creates a barrier to viewership and participation. We have been able to find the funding to support this effort through great marketing partners that value our mission and can benefit from reaching our audience.

Marketing Partnership Opportunities:  We have structured two basic types of marketing partnerships as listed below.  Both provide great value in terms of exposure to the audience and in support of the sportsman drag racing community.  

a.   Presenting Sponsor: This is the most prominent Sponsor of the live streaming broadcast.  They receive large, prominent logo placement on the screen, video spot runs during every break opportunity, multiple reads of PA spots by the event announcer, and recognition as the Presenting Sponsor in any social media mentions, press releases, web postings and other outreach efforts to promote the live stream.  The fee for Presenting Sponsorship is $2000 for a three-day event, or $2500 for a four-day event, plus all travel, lodging, and meals. 

b.    Associate Sponsor: One or more Associate Sponsors may participate in the live stream broadcast per race weekend.  This level also receives visible logo placement on the screen, video spots will be run on an alternating basis with other Sponsors, PA reads as possible for the event announcer, and recognition as an Associate Sponsor in any social media mentions, press releases, web postings and other outreach efforts to promote the live stream.  The fee for Associate Sponsorship is $100 per day.

Each event will have up to one Presenting Sponsor and one or more Associate Sponsors.  Each sponsor is unique to their market segment (for example, only one oil company or car dealer per event).  Historically, Presenting Sponsors have been successfully targeting a regional audience, while Associate Sponsors have promoted their businesses across divisional lines to reach a national audience.

To date, 24 of 34 events have a Presenting Sponsor.  We are seeking funding for the remaining ten events and believe that provides an effective channel to reach exactly the audience our marketing partners are trying to reach.  Our mutual success is our most important goal. 

For more information, please reach out at your convenience.  We will be happy to answer your questions and look forward to working together!

Warren Evans, Producer





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